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Windproof Outdoor Blinds


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Welcome to the world of Homelovers’ Zip Blinds – the ultimate facade sunshade system engineered for unrivaled wind resistance and durability. Our Windproof Blinds seamlessly blends cutting-edge zipper technology with precision-engineered roller motors, delivering comprehensive protection against even the fiercest winds. Crafted from semi-blackout fabric, our Zip Screen not only shields you from harsh sunlight but also effectively keeps pesky mosquitoes at bay.


If your width exceeds 400cm, please click to inquire about pricing.



Fabric - UV Shading Rate : Estimated 95%*

Fabric - UV Shading Rate : Estimated 100%*

Drive Mode*

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Total: $1,000.00
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Step into our Outdoor Blinds collection, meticulously designed to elevate your outdoor living experience. Engineered to withstand the elements, our blinds offer unparalleled control over sunlight, ensuring privacy, comfort, and year-round enjoyment. Built to enhance energy efficiency by minimizing heat gain, our blinds come in a myriad of styles, colors, and materials, ensuring a perfect complement to your outdoor decor. With options for manual or motorized operation, customization allows you to curate a unique outdoor sanctuary tailored to your preferences.

At Homelovers, we take pride in being the exclusive distributor of this groundbreaking technology in New Zealand. While imitation may be flattering, there’s simply no substitute for the quality and reliability of our authentic Zip Blinds. Don’t settle for imitations – invest in the best. Choose Homelovers for unparalleled performance, durability, and peace of mind.

Our Windproof Outdoor Blinds boast a range of 11 materials to suit every need:

  • Transparent
  • White Opaque
  • Cream 95% Translucent
  • Cream Opaque
  • Light Gray Opaque
  • Black and White Striped 95% Translucent
  • Black and White Striped Opaque
  • Dark Gray 95% Translucent
  • Dark Gray Opaque
  • Black 95% Translucent
  • Black Opaque

With our exclusive patented edge-sealing technology, each blind is meticulously crafted to provide unbeatable wind resistance, ensuring a secure and protected outdoor space.

Featuring a manual suspension adjustment system and a gear crank system for infinite adjustment, our blinds offer unparalleled versatility and ease of use. Alternatively, choose our electric adjustment system for added convenience and effortless control.

Each blind is custom-made, with a minimum width of 1 meter and a recommended maximum width of 4.5 meters. For widths exceeding 4.5 meters, custom orders and individual quotations are available upon request.

To ensure stability and functionality, both sides of the blind require secure fixation to columns. When purchased alongside our pergola or louvers roof systems, the dimensions of the blinds must align with the positions of the columns in the corresponding structure, guaranteeing seamless integration and optimal performance.



Homelovers specialises in home improvement services in Auckland, New Zealand. We offer a wide range of electric blinds, pergolas, louvres, and many other home improvement services. Get in touch with us to enhance the comfort and beauty of your home. 



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