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Advantages of Endurance Board Pergola

Endurance board awning could remind people first think of the awning at home, as home is the place which closest to us. However, pergola can be seen above door, window, parking space, and deck.

Pergolas are used in many scenes outsides, such as open-air hot springs, open-air dining areas, bus stops, factory sheds, swimming pools, etc., not only at private place. Endurance board canopies can exist anywhere you want to cover the rain. Why are endurance board canopies so becoming more and more popular these years?

UV coating to protect against UV rays
Durable sheet awnings have a layer of UV coating, which resist ultraviolet rays, and delay the aging of the awning, ensuring that the awning can be used for over 10 years without discoloration or brittleness. The most important reason why there are many durable sheet awnings on the market that cannot be used after a few years is because they do not have this high-cost UV coating. Therefore, it is important to choose a regular manufacturer that does not cut corners. Our factory deeply manufactures all the materials onsite, we sincerely welcome all customers to visit.

Insulation, heat resistance, flame retardant
Durable board awnings are weather-resistant and will not become brittle or soften in the temperature range of -40°C to 120°C, maintaining normal use. It has lower thermal conductivity ,  and the heat insulation function is relatively good. Durable board is heat-resistant, with a self-ignition point of 580°C. It will self-extinguish when removed from the fire, and will not continue to burn.

Pressure-bearing and impact-resistant
The endurance board awning has strong load-bearing and pressure-bearing capacity and a high wind load. It will not be easily overturned by the wind, which can withstand level 11 storms. The endurance board has another name, called “non-breakable glass” . Whether there is natural damage, falling objects from high altitude, or man-made damage, the endurance board awning will not be easily damaged.

Easy to Clean
The endurance board awning has good self-cleaning properties. It is not easy to accumulate dust on the awning. Wind and rain can easily take away dust, saving a lot of manual cleaning time.

High transmittance and aesthetics
Durable board awnings have variable transparent colors to choose from. Transparent has the highest light transmittance, which can reach 92%. There are many styles of awnings, straight-flat and curve, in which shapes can be customized.

Durable board awnings are used in more and more scenarios, all of which are inseparable from their advantageous features. If you are interested in putting one on, please contact us to get a quick onsite quote.

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