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The Benefits of Pergola

What are the benefits of having a pergola?

  1. Hanging clothes

If you are looking for a pergola that can against wind and rain with strong light transmission, the transparent endurance panels and aluminum alloy frames would be a good combination for hanging clothes. It could easily block the sunlight without worrying about getting wet by rain which is peace of mind.

  1. UV Proof

Blocks Ultraviolet rays and has a low light transmittance index, protecting the human body, eyes, floors, and curtains from damage caused by strong sunlight. Dark-colored endurance boards can block and absorb ultraviolet rays, indirectly reduce indoor temperatures, and prevent interior decoration from aging and fading.

  1. Cost-saving

Using light gray endurance board, controlling the rise of indoor temperature, and saving consumption of air conditioners, fans and other refrigeration units in summertime.

  1. Security

Create an outdoor space that is protected from wind and rain, improves safety, facilitates outdoor activities and operations, and can also be used to place items that take up space for maintenance.

  1. Pavilion

It forms an open and natural beauty, which can be used as an outdoor small living room, a good choice for gatherings and entertaining guests. Place tables, chairs, barbecue grills, tableware, and tea sets to enjoy a wonderful family time together.

  1. Flower Shad

In the flower shed, you can experience the farm fun of a family garden and a vegetable garden. Creating your own scenery is also a ritual of life.

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